One day, I’ll be big

Plant your own tree in the Tatras.

It’s easy. If you don’t feel like changing your towels on one of your days, you’ll cut down on energy and cleaning products. We will use the money saved to buy tree seedlings, which we will plant in the High Tatras in close cooperation with the community who manage the local forest area in the village of Gerlachov.

So you only need to stay with us for at least two nights to plant your tree in the Tatras.


It is very important to us, so we try to put as little burden on it as possible. Through our activities, we try to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the sustainability of what we do. To help ensure that our planet as we know it today will survive and be a better place for future generations.

We believe that big changes are pieced together from small things, so we look for improvements in every area.

Welkam has modern energy-saving technologies that we use in heating, lighting and food preparation.

We don’t waste ingredients for food preparation, and through creativity in formulating recipes and efficient storage, we use them as much as possible, actively reducing waste. We use organic ingredients from local farmers from Spiš and Liptov.

We do not use plastic packaging and disposable serving accessories such as plastic pizza box holders, plastic straws and cups, bottled water in plastic, etc. Instead of disposable cosmetics, we use refillable dispensers from a Slovak manufacturer.

We clean with organic means, use recyclable materials, naturally separate, water with rainwater, and compost.

We prefer electronic communication, and for printed products, we use recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks.

Want to help? Want to get involved?

Let’s save drinking water together using dual flush systems. In our house, at home, everywhere.

Let’s give our cars a rest, in the summer months you can explore the surroundings on bicycles, which we will be happy to lend you.

Don’t waste food you can’t eat, take it home, and we’ll be happy to wrap it up in healthy packaging. And feel free to bring your own packaging from home.

Please help us to keep improving. Share with us your experiences, tips and ideas on how to help the environment. Please send your suggestions to

Thank you